Expanding our Massage Therapist Team

Expanding our Massage Therapist Team

Great news!! We have just added 2 more awesome Massage therapists.
Our business has expanded because of the quality, atmosphere, pricing options and personal care of our professional massage therapists. We wanted to make sure we could get our customers in when they wanted and not over work our therapists. You will always get a great massage from us anytime you book an appointment. Our customers always come first!

Massage therapy is like an art form- Most therapists are unique as is the person receiving it. Each client has different preferences when it comes to the massage they want. So each massage therapist is different and it can be overwhelming to know what you want when it comes to massage. At Serenity Massage we ask you specific questions about what you would like in order to pick out a massage therapist that is right for you.

The style and technique of the massage therapist is very important to consider. Like what pressure that you like, light or deep pressure or somewhere in between? Our therapists will explain the range of pressure. Another factor is what style of massage do you like or are open to receiving. The most popular style of massage is Swedish Massage. This involves long, flowing strokes that are rhythmic. There are many other types and styles of massage therapy we offer as well such as deep tissue massage, Aroma Therapy massage, prenatal massage, reflexology massage, hot stone therapy massage etc. We also incorporate aspects of several styles into their own.

Picking a massage therapist should also bring the therapists work hours into consideration. If you can only make morning appointments but choose a therapist that works evenings exclusively will make it very challenging for you. Which is why we have expanded our team.

Knowing what to look for in a massage therapist can be challenging, but know you might have a better idea of what to consider. At Serenity Massage, Sunrise FL our entire staff of massage therapists are amazing in their own way. You can call us today to inquire about which therapist would be perfect for you. Please call us today to book your massage. We appreciate your business.

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